A Pattern of Madness by Neville Symington PDF

By Neville Symington

ISBN-10: 1855752794

ISBN-13: 9781855752795

Born of wide-ranging scholarship, a lifetime's psychoanalytic perform and deep own dedication and fight, this booklet will problem expert practitioners within the box and all those that take a significant curiosity in knowing the human psyche.

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But Darwin's Origin of Species is also a creation, as is Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematics as well as Einstein's theory of relativity. However, when it is said of someone that he had a genius for friendship, that is also a testament to creativity. But the most important of all human creation are thoughts. The thought-creation transforms inner events from rigidity to plasticity. It is through thought-creation that qualities of character like sincerity, simplicity, loving kindness,courage, or gentleness come into being.

It is something that is clearly so: reality is a unity, yet our senses tell us it is diverse; a reconciliation of this contradiction is not possible. The statement of mystery is an act of humility--a declaration that the human mind is limited, that it cannot resolve this contradiction. This contradiction runs right through our analysis of the animate and inanimate world. It is elemental to our understanding of human beings as well as of the rest of the universe. The universe is one and yet diverse; an alternative description is that it is at the same time both necessary and contingent.

In a determinist philosophy there is no place for human freedom. The determinist philosophy is underpinned by a radical assumption that everything I do as a human being is caused by an agent outside myself. It denies the possibility of my being the originating cause of anything. It is a philosophical position that is entirely apt for the inanimate world and human beings to the extent to which they share the properties of the inanimate world, but it does not encompass the essence of living things.

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