A Primer of Mathematical Writing: Being a Disquisition on - download pdf or read online

By Steven G. Krantz

ISBN-10: 0821806351

ISBN-13: 9780821806357

This ebook is ready writing within the expert mathematical atmosphere. whereas the booklet is nominally approximately writing, it is also approximately easy methods to functionality within the mathematical occupation. in lots of methods, this article enhances Krantz's past bestseller, the right way to educate arithmetic. those who find themselves conversant in Krantz's writing will realize his energetic, inimitable style.

In this quantity, he addresses those nuts-and-bolts issues:

– Syntax, grammar, constitution, and style
– Mathematical exposition
– Use of the pc and TeX
– electronic mail etiquette
– All facets of publishing a magazine article

Krantz's frank and easy method makes this ebook relatively appropriate as a textbook. He doesn't keep away from tough themes. His reason is to illustrate to the reader the right way to effectively function in the occupation. He outlines the right way to write provide proposals which are persuasive and compelling, how one can write a letter of advice describing the study skills of a candidate for promoting or tenure, and what a dean is seeking in a letter of advice. He additional addresses a few easy matters resembling writing a booklet inspiration to a writer or utilizing for a role. Readers will locate in analyzing this article that Krantz has produced a high quality paintings which makes glaring the facility and importance of writing within the arithmetic occupation.

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5). Suppose that you are writing a paper with a modest number of references (about 25, say), and you are assigning an acronym to each one. For instance, [GH] could refer to the famous book by Griffiths and Harris. When you refer to this work while you are writing, use the acronym. Keep a sheet of notes to remind yourself what each acronym denotes. Do not worry about looking up the detailed bibliographic reference while you are engaged in writing; instead, compartmentalize the procedure. When you are finished writing the paper, you will have a complete, informal list of all your references.

Third, you can more easily rearrange material if there is just a little on each page. For example, if one page contains the statement of the main theorem and nothing else, another contains key definitions and nothing else, and so forth, then you can easily change the location of the main theorem in the body of the paper. If the main theorem is buried in a page with a great deal of other material, then moving it would involve either copying, or photocopying, or cutting with scissors. Do not hesitate to use colored pens.

As an exercise, insert the word “only” into all possible positions in the sentence I helped Carl prove quadratic reciprocity last week. ) In mathematics, word order can seriously alter the meaning of a sen­ tence, with the result that the sentence is not immediately understood— if at all. When you proofread your own work, you tend to supply mean­ ing that is not actually present in the writing; the result is that you can easily miss obscurity imposed by word order. Reading your work aloud can help cut through the problem.

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A Primer of Mathematical Writing: Being a Disquisition on Having Your Ideas Recorded, Typeset, Published, Read, and Appreciated by Steven G. Krantz

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